Monday, December 5, 2016

It's December

This is Maggie..  Since I last wrote a blog, Bonnie has gone from us.  We had to say our goodbyes the end of September.  It was such a sad time for us.  It's the main reason I have been absent from blogland lately.  I just have not had much motivation but I am finally coming around.  We brought Maggie into the house full time right after Bonnie died.  She has adapted well and is constantly by my side.  such a comfort to me.

These are the colors I am focusing on in our family room and dining room... I wanted a really earthy natural Christmas but.....I have just veered a little, I mean a lot off course.  oh well..

Most of my inside decorating is finished, I think...  and all of these vintage ornaments plus a whole lot more made it out this year....

I am hoping this helps me to get started back blogging occasionally...

My blog is in dire need of a refreshing.  That is first on my list of New Year resolutions.  Sometimes I even do you?

 Good to hear from you all..
Love, Mona