Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Flowers #5

Where are the weeks going so fast?  before we know it, Thanksgiving plans will be underway.  I am still holding onto summer around here...very lightly though..ready to let go and embrace about you?


This is one of only 2 blooms of globe amaranth or gomphrena that I have this year.. it is strawberry fields and is supposed to be red.  It is more of an orange red to me..  But I love it and plant it year after year even though it is not a very good producer in my yard. The blooms dry really well and I always use whatever I have in my house.  It loves the heat and full sun..  I hope this helps, Bonnie .

Alabama sunset coleus

This sun loving coleus never disappoints. Every year I plant one and then root several for around the yard. It takes about a week to get really good roots if you cut some and put it in a vase or jar of water.
This plant was rooted from the mother plant a few months ago..

Jerusalem artichoke flowers
 This is another tried and true flower for the late, late summer garden.  Jerusalem artichoke..  If you ever get them in your garden, they will always be there.  I allowed a patch of them to grow in the back corner of my vegetable garden.  They grow tall and bloom profusely in September and October.  and the roots are edible and very trendy too...

Seems like the order of the day is tried and true late summer/ early fall flowers.  All of these are no trouble at all and pest free.

We visited Waynesville, NC yesterday and had a beautiful ride up in the mountains.  I took some pictures and will share them with you as well as the cute little restaurant and the farm stand where we always stop.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. and that you find something to be expectant about and remain hopeful..  There are always some flowers if you just look...


I am watching these buds and can't wait to share the flowers

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Flowers #4

Recently we visited this gorgeous field of flowers in the mountains.  We have been there before and I wrote about it here .

These flowers never cease to amaze me..dahlias, zinnias, hydrangeas..  and the weeds.  Yes, I said weeds....

 When I was editing the new pictures, I realized how many weeds were showing up in this field of flowers..At first, I was going to delete all the pictures that showed weeds but that would be almost ALL of them...  So, I started to ponder..Even in our beautiful and happy lives we have some weeds..
All of us do...  Most of the bloggers out there delete any and all of our pictures that might show anything less than perfection...  Well, I am not one of those bloggers..  You just might   will always get some weeds in my blogging...

The beauty of the flowers far out weigh any distraction of the weeds.. See, you are now looking for the weeds.  LOL  don't do that!  Focus on the beauty of the mountains and the flowers..

The test of the weeds is this...  DO NOT focus on what is bad...focus on what is good....
the silver lining thing...  You know..there is always something positive that you can find.  I am not saying deny the truth but I am saying don't let the negative take over your perspective...

I think we all NEED to leave the weeds in our pictures so that others can see them too..and know that we are not perfect.  Just beautiful in our own being...that whole REAL LIFE perspective..

Well, that turned a real negative into a positive.  I am positive that these flowers are absolutely stunning....

 Thank you for stopping by.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday Flowers #3

Well,'s a day late...LOL


Dahlias love the heat..I have never seen as many dahlias in my life as I am seeing all over the internet.  They must be a fad that has really caught on.  I have been growing them for a few years and plan to continue.. They are gorgeous flowers and pretty easy.  I still have not figured out how to make them last as cut flowers..some say put in very hot water..check
some say flower food in water...check..
I see flower farmers picking buckets of them in the field..they can't really have hot water..LOL  so I stopped that and they seem to be doing a little better..

Nevertheless, I continue to learn...I have a book on hold at my library about dahias.. It's good that I like a challenge...

Dahlias are most welcome in my garden because there is rarely anything that is looking as beautiful as they do during this time of year..the heat, oh, the HEAT!!!

Have a Happy and safe Labor Day!


Giving credit where credit is due.......these pictures were taken in the dahlia garden at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friday Flowers #2

A bunch of zinnias and a bunch of globe amaranth in pretty little vases.... 

We can all use some beauty in our lives...simple..colorful... and alive...

I know that if you put on your thinking cap, you can add something simple and beautiful to your home today.

I appreciate all of you  and I am surely hoping that soon I am going to wake up with a huge amount of writing inspiration..and picture taking enthusiasm....
Until then, I will always show you flowers....

Enjoy your weekend..


Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Flowers

Dahlia at Dusk

May your weekend be filled with rest and refreshment..

May your days be peaceful and contain joy..

Remember to stop...

and take time for flowers..